It’s Getting Cold! What Furnace Repair Can You Do Yourself & What Requires a Pro?

By November 20, 2019 Command Air News
furnace repair

Temperatures in Sarasota, Florida, can drop into the 50s during the winter.

To make sure your family stays comfortable and warm, you’ll need to keep your furnace running properly.

If you’re worried about the cost of furnace repair, start by checking to see if it’s a problem you can solve yourself. Keep reading to learn more about when you can solve a furnace problem yourself and when you should call in a professional.

DIY Furnace Repair Projects

These are three of the problems that you can solve yourself. Before doing any of them, make sure you know how to do them and that you have the right tools.

Basic Cleaning and Inspection

You should be performing basic cleaning and inspection on your furnace before turning it on every year. This will help ensure it’s ready to keep your family warm.

Most of the cleaning can be done with a vacuum hose. Use or make a special attachment to get into all of the nooks and crannies of the furnace. While you’re in there, check for signs of wear and tear or soot that can indicate a problem.

Replace the Filter

As you can imagine, the filter collects dirt over time and will need to be replaced. In most cases, this is as easy as shutting off your furnace, removing the old filter, and putting in a new one.

Duct Noises

Sometimes, your air ducts will make strange pinging and popping noises as they expand with heat. While this is normal, it can be annoying.

To resolve this, locate the source of the sound and put a small dent in the duct. This creates a more rigid surface and makes it less likely that you’ll be hearing those sounds anymore.

When to Call in a Professional

These are just four of the things you should always call in a professional for. If you’re ever in doubt about how well your furnace is working, it’s always best to get a professional furnace inspection.

Gas Leaks

If you smell natural gas in your home or near your furnace, find the shut-off switch and turn it off immediately before calling a professional. This is an emergency, so act quickly.

Pilot Light Out

You can always try to relight a pilot light yourself, but if it won’t stay lit, there’s likely a problem with it and you may need the unit professionally cleaned or parts replaced.

Home Not Heating Properly

There are a number of problems with your furnace that could be causing your home to not be heating properly. There could be an issue with the blower, a broken engine belt, or your ducts.

Only a professional will be able to quickly identify the problem and properly resolve it for you.

Strange Noises

Anything other than the normal popping of the ducts could mean there’s a problem with your furnace. That’s why we recommend giving us a call as soon as your furnace starts to make strange noises.

Need to Get Your Furnace Repaired?

Now you know some of the furnace repair problems you can solve yourself along with some that you should call in a professional for. As you know, messing too much with your furnace can be dangerous or expensive.

If you need to get your furnace repaired by a professional, contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you with whatever problem you’re running into.