Heating and Cooling Sarasota Homes: 5 Genius Ways to Lower Your Florida Energy Bill

By February 21, 2019 May 9th, 2019 Air Conditioning & Heating Tips
Heating and Cooling in Sarasota

New to Florida? Have you recently get an eye-popping high electric bill? You aren’t alone.

The average temperature in Sarasota hovers around 90 degrees June through September. These high temperatures can lead even lifetime Floridians to pay high amounts just to be comfortable.

Looking for tips to manage the costs of heating and cooling in Sarasota? Keep reading below for five simple actions to take that will make a world of difference without sacrificing your comfort.

1. Keep AC at 78 or Higher

The air conditioner is the biggest energy drain when living in Florida. Aim to keep the temperature around 78 degrees in order to achieve the biggest savings.

If you can go even higher, do it. Every degree above around 78, you can save around 10% of total cooling costs.

Leaving for work or a short trip? Take the opportunity to turn your thermostat up to around 80. If nobody will be home, you don’t need to worry as much about comfort levels.

2. Try Keeping Heat at 68 or Lower

In a similar fashion, when colder weather hits, try to avoid going much higher than 68 or 70. You can often decrease your heating bill around 2% for each degree you lower for at least eight hours.

Think constantly changing the temperature sounds like too much to remember? Consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

Bills still higher than you think they should be? It may be time to call a professional to determine if your unit needs any maintenance or repairs.

3. Check Insulation and Seals

Ensure your home is tightly sealed. Areas to check include around electrical outlets, baseboards, and windows. You should also check your attic. Hot air rises so if your home struggles to stay warm, you may have a major attic leak.

Use caulk to fill any holes and then cover the area with appropriate insulation.

4. Utilize Fans for Heating and Cooling in Sarasota

Most homes have a least once ceiling fan. If you do, use it. Fans can make you feel cooler even if the temperature hasn’t changed.

It will help circulate the air and help your unit work more efficiently. Just remember to always turn it off when you leave the room!

5. Install a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater only heats water as you need it. This can save a lot of energy compared to traditional water heaters which keep hot water on standby.

While a tankless water heater may cost more upfront, it will save you in the long run. They are also typically safer. Storage type water heaters can sometimes breakdown and flood your home as a result.

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures without Breaking the Bank

While it can be difficult, we hope with these tips you see that it is possible to fiscally manage costs associated with heating and cooling in Sarasota.

Through being mindful of thermostat temperatures, using fans, and checking for air leaks, you will be shocked at the difference.

Do you have more questions about your heating and cooling unit? Please reach out and we would be happy to assist you.