5 Signs Your Heater Needs Maintenance

heating maintenance 5 Signs Your Heater Needs Maintenance Command Air Sarasota Florida

A heater is a must have, especially during the chilly days in Florida. A functioning heater does a marvelous job in keeping your home warm at all times. Other than providing you with comfort, a heating system helps prevent health conditions brought about by the cold weather. But, the big question is, how do you know your heater needs maintenance? Here at Command Air, we decided to help you understand when it’s time to tune up your unit by providing you with five signs that show your heater requires maintenance. Remember, ignoring these signs could further complicate the damage on your heating system. Therefore, repairing your heater immediately you notice any red flags is essential.

1. Strange Sounds

A heating system that is functioning optimally only produces whispers. The sound is usually too minimal to even be noticed. But, when you hear strange sounds such as a bang or thump, then that is a clear indication your unit requires maintenance. Strange noises are a result of heating up of the amps or broken parts. We recommend you switch off the heater when you notice strange sounds and contact Command Air for emergency heat repair services Sarasota, Florida.

2. Foul Gas Odor

Another red flag indicating your heater needs maintenance is when you smell gas around the area of the furnace. A gas leak is deadly and should be met with immediate action. You should immediately shut off the system and call for help. Completely avoid lighting of matches, and if possible, you should shut down the lights till help arrives. At Command Air, we are available for any emergency heater repair service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

3. Insufficient Heating

If you have used your heater for a while, then you are familiar at the time it takes for your house to be warm. But, if you notice that it takes longer to warm up your home. Or rather, of late you have been turning the thermostat higher and higher, then there is probably something wrong with your heater. A professional air conditioning and heater repair service provider can help identify and fix the problem.

4. High Power Bills

High power bills are an immediate cause of alarm. In most cases, this is usually a signal of a faulty heating system. Solving this issue on your own might be a bit challenging. But, this isn’t the case for our technicians. They will identify the cause of the skyrocketing bills, and they will also give you tips on how to proceed.

5. Yellow Pilot Light

At the front panel of your furnace, there is a yellow light. When it goes on, that indicates a carbon monoxide gas leak. When you notice this, you should contact us for immediate repair. A Carbon monoxide leak is dangerous, and you should always be cautious.

The expected lifespan of a heater is around ten years. But, with proper care and maintenance, it could last for more than 15 years. Moreover, a well-functioning heater minimizes your expenses and keeps your house warm. At Command Air, we will help you schedule regular maintenance for your heater and much more. If you are having trouble with your unit, the team of professionals at Command Air is just a phone call away. Call or text (941) 219-5205 for immediate air conditioning & heating repair services in Sarasota, Florida.