How do I save money on my electric bill with my air conditioner always running?

By May 15, 2018 December 21st, 2018 Air Conditioning & Heating Tips
How do I save money on my electric bill with my air conditioner always running?

It reaches a time of the year when I simply cannot turn my air conditioner off, otherwise, I feel like I’m dying in the humid heat. Although the air conditioner is a real life saver, I noticed that it was really adding up to my electric bill. So, after much research and study, I came up with several ways to lower my electric bill, even when the air conditioner is full time on.

Here is what I discovered

  1. I realized that it is more convenient to keep the air conditioner at a lower level during the night. Most air conditioners come with a pre-installed sleep mode that appropriately adjusts the temperature while one is asleep. During the night I noticed that am not super conscious of the temperature of the house, and if I keep the air conditioner on the low every night, it would save me some cash.
  2. I also installed portable units (ductless system) in parts of the house that I spend my time in, like the study. That way, I only have to turn on the air conditioning for that particular room instead of the whole house. Command Air, in Sarasota, is quick to install the regular a/c units and ductless systems, with efficiency and I,  got a nice save with their financial plans.
  3. I closed the vents to the lower parts of the house to ensure the cool air does not flow down there. The cool air already in the basement flowed back up with time adding to the cool of the house. Saving on cool air is the step to saving on air conditioning.
  4. I decided to insulate parts of the air conditioning ducts that passed through parts of the house without air conditioning, that way the temperature in those parts would not affect the temperature of the air inside the vents.
  5. I discovered that servicing my air conditioning unit keeps it at the optimum working condition, and its efficiency is reflected on the electric bill. Command Air of Sarasota was quick at coming to my beck and call every time I need my air conditioner serviced.
  6. Professionals from Command Air advised me to rearrange my furniture in order to free up the vents that had been blocked. This allows smooth flow of air into the house efficiently and saves the air conditioner work time on cooling the house.
  7. Settling on an optimal temperature was key to saving up on my electric bill. I discovered that allowing the air conditioner to run on a singular optimal temperature, not only creates comfortably adaptation but also saves up on my electric bill.

I decided to offer my air conditioner some assistance in cooling the house by adding some fans. Ceiling fans consume less power and spread the cool more evenly. That way the air conditioner has less strain in cooling the house and uses less power.

Lights also play a part in the temperature of the house. I switched to lights that emit less heat and also opted not to use sunlight as a source of light on extremely hot days. That way I do not add to the causes of increased temperatures in the house, and I lessen the workload for my air conditioner. Call Command Air now and let them help you make the right decisions!